Sand Sport City

Soccer Handball Volley Rugby Tennis

Conil (Cádiz) Spain +34 696 914 956


  • Sand Court

  • Changing room

  • Massage room

  • Canteen

  • Private Parking


  • Competitions

  • High Performance Academy

  • National Team Gathering

  • School activities

  • Customized Events

Since October 10th, 2021:

Victoria Beach Sports: The only sport center in Spain for Sand Sports. Founded from experience by:

  • Keko Rosano: professional soccer coach and former professional footballer.

  • Javi Torres: Beach Soccer Spanish National Team Skipper

Aim to Sand Sports professional development although non-professional sport activities are also performed.

Located in Cadix province which is a pool of great young Beach Soccer professional players:

  • Facilities for practicing Sand Sports in any season sheltered from tides and winds;

  • Professional technical support;

  • Privileged surroundings (Conil Coast in Southern Spain).

Outstanding Coming Events:

  • "Javi Torres" Beach Soccer Academy: Oct 2021 - May 2022

  • "Javi Torres Diputación de Cádiz" First Beach Soccer International Tourney: 25th - 27th

  • "Juvelandia" Season Event: June

  • Spansh University Olympics: pending.